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Chanel's Cuban Affair

Havana heat, Cuban cigars and Panama hats make Chanel's Cruise 2016/17 show one hot Caribbean affair.

Setting the scene for Chanel's Cruise show - a tree lined boulevard, the Paseo del Prado in Havana with whimsical colonial buildings surrounding the avenue. Guest arrive in candy-coloured vintage cars and take their seat on ornate cast iron park benches.

47 models, 700 guests and 170 vintage convertibles take over the main boulevard of Havana for a momentous event in the Communist-ruled Cuba. Former President Fidel Castro’s grandson Tony, a 17-year-old aspiring model was quoted “It is an honour for all Cubans for this big event to take place here.”

Models donned classic panama hats as they walked the show dressed in a fusion style of the idealistic Caribbean image and the quintessential Chanel vibe. Live music from local talent filled the air, adding to the magic of the balmy evening soirée.


“This is all about my vision of Cuba. But of course, what do I know about Cuba? It is very childish, my idea.” - Karl Lagerfeld


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